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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
– Audrey Hepburn


Caroline Chretien has been my Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher for 8 months now and continuing. With the customized Fitness & Yoga program Caroline has designed, which suit my needs and abilities, I’ve lost over 50 pounds in 7 months. My flexibility, strength and cardio have improved considerably. Caroline has greatly helped me to completely change my Nutritional intake and has coached me to make progressive changes to my lifestyle. Caroline is highly knowledgeable, with extensive experience in fitness and wellness. She is positive, supportive and always striving to help. Her professionalism and personality make her a perfect choice for an instructor you can trust and rely on with a high level of confidentiality. Caroline is punctual, flexible with her schedule, and employs a broad variety of exercises in her training and yoga sessions, making them enjoyable and exciting. I am extremely satisfied and deeply grateful to Inner Light Wellness for making me a healthier and happier person!

Andre’ St.Louis
Personal Training & Yoga Client Jun 2012- Present

My sessions with INNER LIGHT Wellness continue to be very structured with variety. Caroline teaches in a very up- beat way that keeps me interested in continuing. My sessions include all three of INNER LIGHT’ s services: Fitness, Yoga & Reiki, of which we change every week. Caroline continues to be a very punctual, conscientious individual. She’s very pleasant to be around.

Gail Lunde, West Vancouver
Personal Training, Yoga & Reiki Client, 2010-Present

For the past 5 years, Caroline Chretien has been my Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor. I have a very busy schedule. In-home service, combined with Caroline’s unmatched knowledge of all aspects of physical fitness, has made Caroline the most amazing trainer I have ever worked with.

Missy Parks, Langley, B.C.
Personal Training & Yoga Client, 2005-Present

Almost two years ago, I was a neophyte to everything Yoga. I was feeling stressed out, old & unfit. I came to Caroline to learn to reduce my stress level & increase my flexibility. Caroline, in her calm & intuitive way, has taught me to still my thoughts & become more aware of the present. Her flowing routines & varied poses have made it enjoyable to challenge myself to stretch my limits. She has helped me build my core strength & quell my self-criticism at any physical limitations through which I am working. I leave feeling each class energized. The benefits that I have received under the Instruction of Caroline Chretien are greater than I can say. They greet me in the morning, accompany me through my work day, ride with me through traffic jams, support me in stressful situations, and tuck me in at night. Thank you Caroline, for your knowledge, your patience, and your keen intuition.

Sherry Dolejsi, Teacher at Annieville Elementary
Yoga Student, 2008-Present

Attending Classes led by Caroline is the best part of my day! Caroline’s pleasant, gentle voice coaxes me through every pose. Having Fibromyalgia, I find this Yoga helps me gently exercise without pain. I feel stronger as a result of attending Classes with Caroline over the last year and a half. She always encourages us to breathe correctly so we get the best benefits of our practice of Hatha Yoga. I really appreciate Caroline’s personal attention to my practice of Yoga & I am grateful to have her as my teacher. Thank you Caroline for the awesome support & continuing encouragement as I learn the wonders of Yoga. Caroline’s Classes have made my body more flexible than it has been for many years!

Sonya Eaton, Teacher at M.J. Norris Elementary
Yoga Student, 2008-Present

web designer and yoga fun on commercial drive in vancouverCaroline is a good client of mine, passionate in her profession. She truly loves what she does which is helping people to achieve their personal goals. She is professional, personal and always smiling – an example to follow.

Walter Matyas
Surrey Web Designer / Musician