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Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.
– Buddha


Yoga means “union.”

It is a practice that encourages a connection between all aspects of existence, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a process of self- development and learning. It shines a light into our consciousness, making us aware of our mindset.

A meditation in movement, yoga will beg deeper questions about yourself. The practice will whisper to you as you open to the creative experience.

Yoga is not a religion, although its’ roots are of a spiritual nature.

This ancient art uses scientific techniques to improve physical and emotional health. Amazingly, even though it’s thousands of years old, today it still offers some of the most profound health benefits among other practices.

This art is an ongoing, ever-expanding experience, with many different styles and focuses currently available to practitioners. Adopted throughout the world, nearly every fitness facility and wellness studio offers Yoga. Vancouver clearly is no exception. In fact, it is more than a trend, it is a culture. Classes and teachers are plentiful, but finding a style and teacher that feel like home for you can take a little more patience to discover. It is worth it however, to endeavor finding that fit with a style and teacher that inspire growth in your practice, because it will enhance and deepen your experience of Yoga.

Today, whether you participate solely for physical health, mental/emotional well being, spirituality, or all of the above, the practice will invite wholeness and balance. An ongoing lesson of building strength, fostering awareness and compassion, the flow experienced in a class can transpire into one’s daily life. Flexibility of the body is a common reason many start Yoga. The flexibility gained in the mind and the flow of life in general are often why people continue. This is a gift that before you were introduced to the practice, you perhaps didn’t realize you needed.. and after you’ve opened to it, could not see your life without.

Meet me on Commercial Drive

Caroline Chretien, living in the Commercial Drive area, is an experienced teacher spreading the love of Yoga throughout Vancouver, B.C.

Caroline is a Supervisor of Fitness Leaders in Yoga with BCRPA, certifying instructors in Yoga Fitness.

She teaches Hatha, Yin and Meditation designed around your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Join me in a group session or try a private session in the comfort of your home.

On the Yoga Alliance website you can research the credentials of  Caroline Chretien who have earned designations as reputable teachers.

Yoga certificate

Caroline Chretien - Yoga Teacher in New Westminster


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