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Specialized Wellness Plans

Wellness in Yoga studio - intro class

We are in a new age  in which people are looking at the bigger picture of health and wellness. Vancouver has many fitness, yoga and holistic health centres to choose from. You can find them on nearly every corner. So how do you know which one to choose?

Inner Light Wellness offers a combination of services that will guide you on your individual path to wellness.

Vancouver presents an array of health and fitness services. When choosing a business to help you enhance your health and wellness, cater not only to your practical needs. Be open to the opportunity to learn more about yourself. This is a major component of wellness. Vancouver is a city that offers many industry trends. Inner Light Wellness surpasses the trends to get to know YOU and offer a personalized, quality experience.

Developing wellness is an intimate and personal endeavor and fitness, yoga and reiki work holistically to create a thriving life. They compliment one another to foster health, happiness and fulfillment.

Inner Light Specialized Wellness Plans

All work with Inner Light Wellness begins with an Intake Session:

115 plus GST, 90 min

Consists of:

  • Consultation of exercise history, special considerations, goals and lifestyle factors
  • Introductory Personal Training session complete with assessments of posture, flexibility and muscle imbalances
  • An introductory Yoga class
  • A recommendation of a specialized wellness plan based on your determined needs

You will also receive two key action plans that you can start using right away in your daily life to see improvements in your health and lifestyle!

Once you have completed your intake session, you can choose a single session or add on other services.

Rates for Single Services:

Personal Training

  • (Private, 1-on-1) 95 per session plus GST
  • (Semi Private, 2-on-1) 120 per session plus GST


  • (Private, 1-on-1) 85 per session plus GST
  • (Semi Private, 2-on-1) 100 per session plus GST

Reiki Treatments

  • (Private, 1-on-1 only) 85 per session plus GST

ADD-ON SERVICES to develop a Specialized Wellness Plan:

  • Try a second service and receive 15% off the regular price of that session.
  • Try a third service and receive 20% off the regular price of that session.

Maintain 15-20% off the total pricing of your wellness plan by bundling 2-3 different services in a month. **Pre-Booked and Pre-Paid.

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