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Subtle Signs of Divine Inspiration



Have you ever felt like you’ve awakened all your senses at once; like the world around you has come alive as though speaking to you in every nuance of it’s existence? Those are the subtle signs of divine inspiration.

When you’re in a state of realization, also referred to as direct experience, the consciousness of the entire universe is available to you. We weave in and out of this state throughout our lifetime, sometimes dwelling here, at other times wandering.

When you are in direct experience, the moment you claim you are “in” it, you have already emerged from it.

In this beautiful space of realization, you may notice reoccurring patterns in the form of numbers, images, words, and feelings. Messages may come resembling thought or silent whisper, seemingly from a mysterious source. Serendipitous encounters are frequent. You see yourself as a spec of sand on the ocean floor and the ocean itself all at once. The veil is lifted to pure potentiality and you are absorbed into limitlessness.

When we are open, whispers from universal intelligence evolve into loud chants. Nudges become a strong pull, exciting us from our slumber so we may move into the next chapter of our adventure.

Have you ever felt drawn to go somewhere and not totally know why, but know somehow that the reason will reveal itself when you get there? Have you ever sensed a part of yourself saying “yes” to what scares you, when another part of you wants to run?

Whether you want to call it intuition, or relate to it as communication from spirit guides, angels, or loved ones who have passed- maybe all of the above?- it’s obvious something greater than ourselves is at work behind the scenes of our everyday lives.

Handstand on the Beach, the Subtle Signs of Divine Inspiration

A series of subtle signs of divine inspiration are leading me to Bali in September. I have listened to the whispers evolve into chants and felt the nudges become a magnetic pull. Despite my tendency to withhold from myself, I have listened. My heart is singing. I know experiencing this adventure will reveal a piece of myself.

I choose to refer to this ever present force as universal intelligence itself, or simply put – energy. We are all made of energy, as is everything around us; vibrating at various frequencies and attracting like energy.

So how do we hone this energetic GPS? We tune into ourselves and our surroundings through regular spiritual practice, until our senses become acute enough to receive clearly.

Spiritual practice is vast and personal. Anything that teaches you about yourself is spiritual practice; whether it be meditation, healing modalities, dance, music, Yoga, or just about anything creative and empowering.

If this is true for you, share your insight. Be a light for others and speak your wisdom.

If you are wandering and feel lost, remember that you are already existing in this experience, you need only awaken to it.

If this has reached you in a timely moment of your life, smile at the universe revealing itself to you. Divine inspiration is inviting you to weave back in to the ultimate journey that is you.

There is always an open invitation for you to join me Tuesday evenings at Sacred Space Studio for Rejuvenation Yoga to be in direct experience of yourself.

Love & Light