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Reiki Shares

What is a Reiki Share?

A Reiki Share is a organized event, hosted regularly by a Reiki Teacher, that serves as an opportunity to practice and learn about Reiki. Everyone is welcome at a Reiki share, not just practitioners. No experience is necessary to attend.

At each Reiki share, the teacher will do an “Open Attunement”, which is a type of ceremony that will strengthen the energy flow for current practitioners, or act as a temporary connection to the energy flow for the non-practitioner.

For students who are practitioners of Reiki, a Reiki share is an opportunity to gain more experience, as well as stay connected with their fellow students, the community and their teacher. It is also a chance to receive Reiki, which is important for the practitioner, as we facilitate the most healing for others when we are also nurturing ourselves.

For those who are new to Reiki with no previous experience, the Reiki Share will introduce how Reiki works, as well as provide the opportunity to try giving and receiving Reiki.
Inner Light Wellness offers Reiki Shares monthly at Douglas College as a free event open to the public. RSVP is required to attend.

What to Expect at an Inner Light Reiki Share

  • A discussion about Reiki between the group with an offering of tea
  • A short meditation
  • An open attunement
  • A Reiki Circle
  • Approximately 60-90 minutes of Reiki practice on the massage tables, each individual getting a turn to receive.

If you have further questions about Reiki Shares, don’t hesitate to send a message to Caroline or call her at 604 220 1572 today.