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Reiki Courses and Training

Reiki Courses

Do you find fulfillment in helping others be well physically, mentally and emotionally?
As a Reiki Practitioner, you can easily learn to empower healing for your self and others, on all levels.

Reiki is a natural energetic therapy that anyone can easily learn to assist in healing the self and others.

Caroline Chretien teaches a Traditional branch of Japanese Reiki known as Komyo Reiki Do. 

There are four levels of Reiki training from practitioner to teacher. Komyo Reiki is not only a therapeutic practice but a spiritual one as well.

Shoden (First Degree) – This course will teach the history of Reiki, discuss philosophy, introduce the practical uses of Reiki as well as allow you to begin practicing on yourself and others. This class includes four attunements to connect you with Reiki energy.

Chuden (Second Degree) – This course will introduce the student to the first three Reiki symbols and their uses as well as prepare the student to practice distance Reiki. Students will have the opportunity to give and receive a distance healing. The student will receive four attunements to strengthen their connection to Reiki energy. Some traditional Japanese methods will also be offered.

Okuden (Third Degree) – This class is intended for teacher candidates or or Reiki Practitioners who want to deepen their spiritual relationship with Reiki and develop their inner growth. The fourth symbol will be taught.

Shinpiden (Fourth Degree)- This class is for those making a commitment to becoming a teacher of Reiki. An apprenticeship follows under the guidance and support of the teacher.

Certificates are issued after the post-class requirements are complete, professionally certifying the student at each level.

Class Standards

Class Standards are in alignment with the Komyo Reiki Do International Association. Visit their website for details.

Re-Sitting Classes

Students can re-sit a class if there’s space after those who have registered for the first time. 25% of the regular course fee will apply.Re-sitting is a great way to refresh your skills! Contact me request a spot.