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Magical Potential in May


Flowers are in bIMG_0629loom and the energy of the sun returns. All of nature in unveiling its beauty.
There is an open invitation for growth.

May has magical potential!

There are spikes in motivation, energy and a desire to create or do more. A more positive outlook is noticeable for most as we come into the warmer and brighter months. So what are you going to do with it?

If you want to feel on purpose and successful, bring an increased awareness to your priorities and how you’re going to manage them. It’s easy to be attracted to all the exciting opportunities to spend this energy, but sometimes that can distract us from creating what we want most.

To bring awareness to your priorities, instead of using your analytical mind, practice bringing a deeper attention to what your intuition tells you. To solidify this, write it down and allow the feeling to resonate with you.

You have a certain amount of energetic currency to spend. What is going to bring you most into alignment with what you want?