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Our tendency at present is to cure what we see on the outside. But we must take the opposite attitude to recover.
– Swami BR Sridhar


Caroline Chretien is the operator of Inner Light Wellness

Caroline is certified and registered with BCRPA as a Supervisor of Fitness Leaders in Group Fitness and Yoga as well as a Fitness Leader in Group Fitness, Personal Training and Yoga.

She graduated from Prana Yoga College and is Registered as an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) with Yoga Alliance.

Her approach to Health & Wellness is holistic

She is a Certified Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and is registered with The Canadian Reiki Association.

Caroline is a third degree Black Belt in TaeKwon-Do, certified by the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

Caroline works with her clients, in a complete wellness perspective, to look within themselves for the answers to their deepest questions. This is the basis of Inner Light Wellness. She specializes in fitness, Yoga, lifestyle consulting and Reiki, which collectively inspire a balanced, happy lifestyle.

My Why

From an early age I knew my purpose in life was to be a source of empowerment for others. I was born knowing I could assist others in healing. I have always held a strong belief that everyone has a right to happiness, to choice, and to health.

As a young child I experienced six years of trauma that deeply affected me and hindered my ability to embrace my healing gifts, however as I grew older, so did my inherent need to express my purpose.

Over the years, to lift myself from my childhood fear and anxiety, I explored the many layers of fitness, yoga, meditation and other modalities. This turned into a long healing journey within myself, where I once again uncovered the gifts I came into this life with, except now I had a clearer vision of  how I would be of service to others.

I find my bliss in helping to guide others on their own inner journey of self-development as I did for myself.

We all have something unique to share with the world and it is exceptionally fulfilling for me to work with individuals from the inside out to enhance their health in all areas of their lives so they may be well to share their own gifts. In this process, the learning is that the way “out” is in and that the essence of our desires is and always has been within us.

Our history is just the beginning of our story. Today we choose who we are and what comes next.