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Follow your Excitement!


Lately, I’ve let go of self-imposed limitations and have followed my excitement. It has led me to some profound manifestations. I’m bubbling with happiness and anticipation because I have found a beautiful space- a sacred space, to share the gift of Yoga with you.7356883190_7de9a82642_z

The first time I learned of the concept of following that which produces a feeling of excitement, in order to have a happy, fulfilled life, I instantly felt a strong resonance with the idea. Yes! That’s exactly how we should be living! It seems simple and obvious, like “duh” but if you really stop to think about it, do we do this on a daily basis, in every instance? Imagine in every situation, just checking in and asking yourself “Does this give me a feeling of excitement”? Then, whether the answer is yes or no, either committing to that or walking away from it. How uncomplicated life would be!

I wish for you to be following your excitement daily, moment to moment, and if you’ve become a little lost and are unsure, take a retreat within yourself and find it once again.  Joining me for Rejuvenation Yoga at Sacred Space Studio is a great place to start.. See class details here.